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Blackberry smartphones aren't exactly as popular as their Android and iOS-powered iPhone and iPad counterparts, but fortunately the mobile gambling software developers haven't forgotten about the RIS line of products. Quite obviously, churning out dedicated Blackberry apps isn't really a priority for the sports betting industry giants, but fortunately most of the browser-based packages released over the past few years have proven to be 100% Blackberry-friendly.

Browser-based Betting Apps and Blackberry Compatibility

Blackberry devices are quite notorious for their relatively small screen size, which is a clear disadvantage when it comes to online casino games or poker. Fortunately, online sports betting doesn't require you to make any split-second decisions. Furthermore, betting apps don't really require high resolution in order to be perfectly functional. This means that while the limited screen real estate might prove to be inconvenient from time to time, it definitely won't limit the number of betting options available to you. In the end, whether you prefer to place your bets pre-match or during the game, whether you enjoy soccer, basketball, college sports, tennis, hockey, football or horse racing, a Blackberry smartphone is more than likely to satisfy your bet on the go needs. 

Mobile Sports Betting Sites & Apps That are BlackBerry Compatible

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Mobile Blackberry Sportsbooks FAQ

Q: Where can I get the latest Blackberry betting apps?

A: Blackberry betting apps tend to be browser-based. This means that the app is going to be loaded as soon as you visit a Blackberry-friendly using your RIM mobile device.

Q: Can I take advantage of live in-play betting options if I use a Blackberry device?

A: Yes! A Blackberry device allows you to place in-play bets, as all browser-based apps support this kind of functionality. Pre-match betting is also available. All in all, Blackberry users have the access to all the markets that are available to Android-powered and iOS-powered smartphone owners.

Q: Is betting on the go legal in the United States?

A: Yes! The relevant federal regulations apply to US-based gambling operators rather than individual bettors, which means that there's literally nothing to stop you from placing bets via your favorite offshore site. Please note that some states have additional anti-gambling regulations in place, so you should avoid using those sites while you're in Washington or Utah.

Q: Is betting on the go legal in Canada?

A: Yes. While online sports betting is sometimes referred to as a gray area in legal terms, there's simply no denying the fact that Canada doesn't have any laws that would prohibit anyone from placing real money bets on sporting events over the internet. Furthermore, no bettors have been prosecuted for using online sports betting sites.

Blackberry Devices Are Safer Than Desktop PCs

Blackberry devices are widely considered to be harder to hack than Windows PC and aren't as likely to be targeted by malicious software. In fact, the advanced encryption capabilities of Blackberry smartphones have made them very popular among all kinds of government agencies. Furthermore, online sportsbooks that offer Blackberry-friendly apps have been in the industry to many years and have proven that they're more than capable of protecting the personal and financial information of their customers. Online sports betting industry is very competitive, so you can rest assured that all the industry giants adhere to the highest standards when it comes to honoring their bonuses, timely withdrawals and underage gambling.